Anytime Anywhere Senior Care - Providing Affordable Senior Care
Anytime-Anywhere Senior Care:
Our Caregivers 
Who are our caregivers? 
Our caregivers are an elite group of loving, compassionate people, most of whom have had formal training
either though a Certified Nursing Course (CNA), Home Health Aide (HHA), or our very own trained companions.
We require that our caregivers are loving, sensitive, and kind individuals. It truly takes a special person to qualify
as a caregiver for Anytime-Anywhere Senior Care. The person who successfully passes our careful screening
is clearly a level above average, a person you would be very comfortable with knowing they will take excellent care
of your loved one. 
What makes our caregivers Unique?
Caring for people who can't do everything for themselves is a very big responsibility. It takes continued training in new techniques and constant interaction with our clients to make sure their needs are being met. It's all about compassion, truly caring about the person your are helping in their day to day activities. A true caregiver is not looking for financial reward, but rather a smile or a simple thank you. Making a difference in someone's life, seeing the joy and happiness you bring, is simply the greatest feeling you can get from your contributions as a caregiver.
It is the intrinsic compassion combined with the required background of experience that make an
Anytime-Anywhere caregiver unique. 
How do we recruit and select caregivers? 
Recruiting for caregivers requires a broad search to find that unique individual. We maintain communications with
employment agencies, utilize internet job postings, work closely with trade schools, churches, various community
organizations, and referrals. Our interview process includes a two hour group interactive session at which time the
applicant is given the opportunity to demonstrate both their written and verbal skills. At the conclusion of the interview we ask them to take a brief written test to verify their knowledge in the field of home care. Following successful completion of our review, we do a complete background check, verify references, and have them tested for drug use. We recognize this selection is long and involved, but there is no short cut to finding the special "unique" person that we want to become a team member of Anytime-Anywhere Senior Care!